Use the open-source MLJAR auto-ML to build accurate models faster

Getting started

Generate TF Lite models from custom data using Model Maker

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Getting started

pip install -q tflite-model-maker

Create TF Lite image classification models with TensorFlow Lite Model Maker

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Create a model with default options

$ pip install -q tflite-model-maker

Obtaining the dataset

Write your own JavaScript code in Lens Studio to enhance Lens interactivity

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Mouth open and mouth closed events

Script machine learning models with SnapML to add interactivity to your ML-powered Lenses

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Getting Started

Use ML Kit to extract address, email, places and so much more

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Getting Started

Use ML Kit’s On-device API to translate text

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Use Firebase ML to deploy custom TF Lite model on Android

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Identify the language of user-provided text using ML Kit

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Getting Started

The App Elements

Generate smart replies with ML Kit on Android

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Getting Started

Derrick Mwiti

Google Developer Expert — Machine Learning

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